Barely An Experience

This is about the creeping effect of media induced reactions. There I was Saturday afternoon enjoying a nice relaxing bath when I notice on my hand blood. The water was warm and the steam just right. The aroma of the bath perfume was diffused perfectly inside the room. I had been submerged under the water for a while just pretending I was a mermaid which I do very often when I am stressed with my human life.

I was just lifting myself back into sitting position to sip from my wine which was placed perfectly on the windowsill. I extend my wet hand to pick it up, sipped one mouthful of sweet wine then placed it back. After putting the glass down there were two drops of blood on my right hand.

May I just say that blood scares me but not more than not knowing where it comes from. Like any paranoid person used to the odd horror movie I started to look around. First to the ceiling, there are always the monsters that devour you from above, go for the jugular or even worse peel away your face or strangle you with their limbs. Then I looked in the water for crawling fish-like creatures, the kind that perhaps sedate you while devouring.

Nothing so far…

Looking at my palms, hands, arms, underarms. Touching my feel, legs, thighs…

Nothing …

I lift myself standing in the bathtub looking at my wet body, I take the tower I dry some areas to see which one bleeds…


I place the towel down, I notice more blood on the towel and really go into panic mood.

I look at the wine glass trying to assess whether it had some sharp edge in which I could have cut myself in some mysterious place that I could not feel but was bleeding nevertheless.

Mind is flashing back times from my childhood when I was learning how to ride my red bicycle, how I was always in a shock when I fell down. And to other times when I was learning how to swim but almost drowned before reaching the barrier.

Now mind back in the room thinking something terrible must have happened, that I could be in a shock and that I should go and lay down for a second. Pulse was speeding up at this stage, pure adrenaline shooting through my bloodstream.

I start screaming like a lamb chased by a lion, for help, for someone to rescue me, to check me for cuts, for death…

People invade my privacy more panicked than I was, staring at me naked almost crying, desperate for help, in shock…

2 minutes later

They discovered it was just a cut on one of my fingers.

I did not die but survived in shame, in panic, with paranoia, with memories so many memories all gathered in my head.



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